Sunday’s sermon and Works

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I do appreciate the ministry that we received on Sunday.  There were many insights that were shared by Jonathan that had great value.  I look forward to dialoguing with him more and getting to know him.

I also have an obligation to watch over New Horizon and our theological perspective.  With that in mind, I’m unsure of a few things that were mentioned and feel I need to address them with you the body.

There seems to be a new emphasis being delivered from “works” circling through the body of Christ.  Many are saying that we’ve been religious, we’ve been in a works mindset, a legalistic mindset.  Jonathan alluded to this on Sunday.  I’ve preached on similar themes many times.  We’ve been hearing this for 25 or more years.  That we are the beloved.  That Father can’t love us more,  that we can’t work for salvation, etc.   This message is often used to help us overcome a “works” mentality and a performance based acceptance mindset.  I’m all over this message.  I love it.  It thrills me and I’ve used various aspects of this message since the Holy Spirit quickened it to my heart.  I won’t take time here to mention the scriptures that support this message, but there are many and it’s wonderful.  However, there is a danger if we begin to preach an “anti work” message and don’t tie it to truth.  What I’m hearing more and more out of the “new revelation” believers is a deliverance from all work.  This is silly and unbiblical.  We don’t work to enter the Kingdom, but after we become a new creation we are called to bring forth the fruit of the new creation.  We work, not to get in, but because we are in.  We work not to get approval, but because we have been approved. We work not to pay off our debt, but because we are responding the nature of Father within us.  We work not to get faith, we work because we have the spirit of faith living on the inside.

We have been created for good works.  Eph. 2:10

Without Faith it is impossible to please God.  Heb. 11:6

Abraham was justified by works that corresponded to his faith.   James 2:14-26

Endure hardship as a good soldier.  2 Timothy 2:3-5

I bring my body into subjection.  1 Cor. 9:19-27


Though we work, we don’t ever divorce our work from our faith.  Faith is the original Word that Father spoke over us when He called us to work.  In that way we are able to work and rest at the same time.  We have this confidence that it is He who is working with us and who will watch over the work to bring fruit out of the Work.  Examples of hearing from God, responding to the call of God, embracing work and divorcing our faith from what we’ve been called to…

“I been working so hard in community outreach and I just don’t see it’s all that important.  I don’t think it’s doing any good, and it’s taking my valuable time.”   Or:  I’m so blessed that I get to represent Jesus to these people that are hard and callous. I know I’m going to get some breakthroughs and mess us Satan’s plans for these people.

“I don’t think I can usher anymore, I don’t think Father notices, and the leadership certainly don’t seem grateful”   Or:  It’s so great I can walk out some of my Kingdom faith by serving in the house where He’s called me.  I know it blesses Him when I act like Him.

“I’m done with working that food line, those community people are so ungrateful.  I think I could do something a lot better with my Sunday.”  Or:  There is nothing better than showing love to the lovely before they are cleaned up and perfect.   Romans 5:8

“I’m not about to go to church that early and work Kingdom Kids.  What are they thinking.  I don’t need to do that for God to love me.”  Or:  What a great way for me to exercise my faith.  I’m going to use my new creation life and bless the kids of our church.


In closing go and read Hebrews 11.  We of all people should be the best workers, not to get in, but because we are in.  Stir up His life within you and faith will come.  Faith to go out and do something great for Him.  The inspiration will come easy, because it will spring up out of faith.