Stir up the Gift of God in you

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

It’s a good idea to press in to the Holy Spirit for a fullness in the anointing and the power of the Spirit.  We have to remember that Jesus did not say tongues will come upon you.  He did not say “you shall receive tongues”.  He said you shall be endued with power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you.  The anointing is always accompanied with an expression of power.  This word is dynamus from where we get dynamite.   Consider:

  1. Jesus had the “Spirit
    without measure”.  Or …in a full measure He was anointed with the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit without restriction.


Therefore there are measures of the anointing.
Therefore we should ask for more anointing.  We should seek to be fully filled, fully saturated with the Holy Spirit, And we should seek that the anointing be less restricted in our lives.  Restrictions make it appear that we aren’t filled because they argue and reason against us giving a manifestation to the Holy Spirit.

Some in the Word of Faith circles say don’t ask for more of the Spirit.  You have the Spirit already dwelling in
you.  You have the anointing.  Yet Jesus had a full measure of the Spirit
and certainly a fuller measure than most of us…as evidenced by the testimony of
His life.


  1. Jesus went about doing good because He did what her heard the Father saying and He did what He
    saw the Father doing.  Therefore the fleshing out of the anointing must be predicated
    upon us seeing and hearing the heart and activity of the Father.


  1. Jesus cast out certain “strong men” because of “prayer and fasting”.  This too was a showing forth of power.  There the grace to do mighty works comes from significant time spent with Father.


  1. The result of the fullness of the greater fullness of the anointing will be bold displays of
    ministry to the needy.  Acts 4:31 records that the place was
    shaken as they sought God and prayed with one voice.  They were filled, or refilled, the Holy
    Spirit and they spoke the Word of God boldly.


  1. It is normative to “tarry” for a greater anointing or enduement of power from God.  In the beginning they tarried for a
    greater enduement of power though they were born of the Holy Spirit.  Acts 1:8   After we are baptized in the Holy Spirit there is still virtue in waiting on Him and ministering to Him.  This is a form of “tarrying”.  God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


6.    The gifts of the anointing can lay dormant with in a person if they don’t stir them up.   II Timothy 1:7  You stir them up by use and by praying in the Holy Spirit and acting upon them in Faith.  A muscle must be used or it will atrophy.  Many Spirit filled believers have let their spiritual muscles atrophy due to a lack of use.  All of us need objects of our faith.  A lack of challenges in the faith and love realm will result in spiritual boredom and atrophy.