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Wow, we were blessed at the Summit. God moved in a great way over the weekend through our meetings and our guest Mario Murillo. Many were healed…we don’t know how many people for sure, 50 or more? We’ll have testimonies coming soon. Healing was just one of the wonderful benefits of our Summit conference, but the topic I want to address in this blog.

After you receive a healing touch from the Lord it’s important that you continue to declare the truth and reality of your healing continuously. It is a fact that Satan can come back upon a believer with a “lying symptom”. In this case you might feel in your body the same pain or ailment that you felt before and you will be tempted to conclude, “I must not have got my healing.” Or, “I thought I was healed.” Or, “I didn’t think this would last.” I’m sure I could list 50 such arguments that could come across the pages of you mind when you feel or sense a “lying symptom.”

When such a think happens it’s very important that you confront it like it’s a devil, not like you’ve “lost your healing.”
“…I have been healed”
“…sickness get off of me”
“…the Lord rebuke you”