Seizing the Gates

Seizing the Gates 7

Pastor Dwain Gatekeepers

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Have we become self-sufficient?  As a nation, have we denied the power of God?   Are we doing so well on our own that we no longer need Him?

We as believers have to watch for this “influence” of apathy, complacency and self-sufficiency.  We don’t want to be seduced by the “spirit” of the world.  Spiritual apathy can’t be tolerated.

A lot of us have the mindset that says, “We are so blessed that we don’t need to pray for life to go well for us.”  This is pride, independence and greed.  We American Christians also rarely pray unless we have a crisis.  And then, when a crisis hits, we will pray for ourselves, but not for the needs of others.  This is rebellion and selfishness.  All of these things need to be renounced!

Nationally there are several strongmen who wield great influence in America:

  • Pride and independence.
  • Rebellion and self-will.
  • Greed and covetousness.
  • Anti-Christ and idolatry (another Christ.)
  • Babylon – a spiritual whoredom where other idols are welcomed.
  • Bigotry, racism and division.
  • Sexual immorality, seduction, Baal-style worship and adultery.

Are you letting the agenda of the enemy influence you?  If so, renounce these influences and boot them out of your life!

Using the pattern of Jeremiah you can destroy and overthrow darkness with prophetic declaration.

Pray over your own life.

Pray over the nation.

Pray over your State.

Pray over the ethnic people in your region.

Our prayers can make a difference!  We can change the nation as we lean into and agree with God!

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The post was excerpted in large part from my book “Move Your Mountains.”  Stay tuned for a newly revised release in the future!