Satan's Plan Aganst the Church

Satan’s Plan: Division

Pastor Dwain Satan's Plans Against the Church

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It’s possible to live in the same building as another person and not share life with them.  It’s likewise possible to attend a local church and not share your life with those who also share that local congregational gathering.  This, too, is one of Satan’s diabolical plans: to isolate us from one another.  For our completion is wrapped up in our relationships with one another. I’m not competing with you in the body of Christ: I’m completing you, and, likewise, you are completing me.

Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12 that the body is one, yet has many members.  That we were all baptized into this body regardless of our previous history as a Jew or Greek, slave or free.  And if the foot says I don’t need the hand, does that mean it’s no longer a part of the body?  If the ear says because I’m not an eye I’m not a part of the body, can this be true?  Can any of us be complete by ourselves or independent of the other members?  If we choose to live this way, we not only injure the body and cause disablement, but we injure ourselves as well.

We need the treasure that is hidden in other body members, but if our proximity does not bring us into deep fellowship then we will not benefit from the rich treasure that God has deposited in others, and they will not benefit from the treasure in us.  And in this way the body will remain immature, incomplete and disabled.  Thus we have cooperated with Satan’s diabolical plan.

The inspiration that he brings might seek to stir up division, pride or jealousy.  Even if we attend a local congregation, there might be a constant press on our time to where we’re too busy for deeper relationships.  God ought to be happy that we just showed up.  The pastor is lucky we even came today.  I’m sufficient on my own; I don’t need prophetic ministry. I don’t need more teaching.  I don’t need to join in that prayer circle.  I really don’t have time.

Pastor Joel is one of my favorite speakers.  Recently she talked on the topic of pain: how we as a body, a physical body, need pain receptors.  How that pain in the body is actually a part of health.  If a body can’t perceive pain, then that body will begin to experience loss of limbs.  Harm will come to body members as those particular body members are used beyond the point of pain.  A blister turns into something much greater.  Of course, we know this disease to be called leprosy.  And in this disease the nervous system and its ability to communicate pain is disabled.  Limbs are isolated from each other.  There is a total lack of sensitivity one for another.  In such a case, to be pain-free (that is, to be unable to perceive pain) is actually a disease and dysfunction.  The nervous system and its ability to perceive pain is actually one of the central agents that unites all the body parts.

So it is with the body of Christ.  The body of Christ has been given this metaphor that we might understand how father has called us to function.  The leper is unaware of pain.  The leper can’t pay attention to the pain of any body member.  The leper does not respond to injury.  A healthy body is defined by its ability to perceive pain and respond appropriately.  This is a precious part of why we are called together to be the body of Christ.  Examine your life today and the supreme importance of being part of the body of Christ.

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