Reigning with Jesus

Reigning in Jesus pt. 12

Pastor Dwain Excellence, Leadership, Wisdom

The grace for salvation is also the grace for every situation, and the grace for all sonship.

So how does the abundance of grace work for everyday reigning in life?

Abundance of grace doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything and it all comes together for you.  Abundance of grace means you have the power to do more than you think, or more than you could.

You have the power to overcome in all situations.

Remember, Reign is a verb.  It implies you are doing something as it pertains to your sphere of influence and the circumstances around you.

Grace enables you to reign.  Grace is favor on your faith.  Grace is favor on your work.  Grace is favor on your efforts presented in Faith.  Grace is God is putting his favor and blessing (gifting) on what you put your hand to.

Did you struggle with education before?  Grace will put you over the top.

Did you struggle with work before?  Grace will put you over the top.

Did you struggle with self-control before?  Grace is now working in you to solve this.

Did you struggle getting out of bed before?  Grace will give you the power.