Pastor Dwain Excellence


18. Substandard role models and poor accountability:

Hebrews 13: 7
Remember those who led you, who spoke the word of God to you; and considering the result of their conduct, imitate their faith.

If our primary Role models are satisfied with “good enough” we will only stretch to that level ourselves and then we’ll be satisfied.  Or we might stretch just a little above the level of friends or parents and then feel we have done pretty well.

People above that level rarely come along and when they do they make us feel  uncomfortable.

We therefore resist their influence and comfort ourselves with the pack.  How many of us want so bad to avoid discomfort that we sabotage the excellence God has for us.

Notice that the figures of the bible were some of the greatest people that have ever lived.  Almost bigger than life in their feats.  Why? Because God wants us to dream big.

Also notice that very few of them were ministers by vocation.  Maybe because He couldn’t get the Levites out of their prescribed box.

David (shepherd, warrior, musician), Gideon, Joshua, Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Jesse…

What would have happened to David if he would have stayed with the role models given  him?

Note all of his brothers were just satisfied as part of the pack.   I Sam 17

What was different about David?

What if Daniel would have gone along with the normal training required of those taken captive in Babylon?  Dan 1:1

What was different?  He had an excellent spirit upon him.

Don’t let someone else dictate what excellence is for you!  Don’t be limited by what someone else has done as excellence.  Stop dreaming the ordinary” I don’t deserve more” type dreams.  Get your eye on your God and His ability.

Who are your role models?

Who are you subconsciously comparing yourself with?

That’s the person you’ve either limited yourself  by, or else unleashed yourself to follow.

Remember biblical role models were tent makers who heard God and responded in faith to what they heard.

What if you don’t have a role model?   A gun that’s aimed has a much better chance of hitting it’s target.  Remember there haven’t been any positive mutations.