Prosperity Gone Wild

Pastor Dwain Prayer

Prosperity Gone Wild

Intercession is where we bring the needs of others before the Lord, contend with the curse on their behalf and win victories for them in the spirit realm.

This sounds good, but it’s tough to engage in such selfless activity when we live in such a me-ism world. This is part of what is hindering true intercession in the Church and with us as believers.

Paul said he would travail over the Galatians until Christ was formed in them. He was referring to intercession. Galatians 4:19

Can we be that selfless? Can we be like Paul, so loving, that we’d lay down our lives for others?

In our American churches we have come into a prosperity focus.

I think the emphasis on prosperity is good and from God, but can also lead us into imbalance if we aren’t careful. We have to monitor the greed and covetousness of our hearts. Kingdom wisdom is needed with all revelation.

A prosperity focus can bring prosperity. But too much prosperity focus can reinforce a ME focus.

We must remember why He prospers us. It’s to enable us to enlarge the Kingdom. It’s not for an imbalance of vacations and luxuries and self pampering. It’s not so we can forget about the broken, the poor, the diseased or lost.

We cannot let prosperity bring a compromise to our walk with God and our primary calling. This is a distortion of the Gospel.

Under the influence of imbalance… • We’re Praying, but only for me • We’re blessed but forgetting to be a blessing • We’re giving, but only for me and my blessing

Prove yourself mature and include prayer for others. God loves such selfless love!