Pastor Dwain Fasting

Education is one of the center pieces of society, a mountain of influence, a sphere of culture. 

When we think of the Dominion of Jesus affecting Education we are acknowledging that there are demonic powers – anti-Christ powers that are seeking to exert lordship over education…the outcome of such an influence is that successive generations of those educated will espouse increasingly Godless philosophies and ideas. 

This is the opposite of God’s will (Isaiah 9:7vsf).  God’s will is that there shall be no end to the increase to the influence of Jesus…such influence growing in each successive generation. 

As an obvious influence , these spiritual powers have been the basis of Evolution.  Think of other ways the demonic realm is influencing education and write those in your Revolution Journal.  Then prophetically declare that the spiritual powers behind godless influences be broken, demolished and removed from our culture.  Prophetically declare that the influence of Godliness is spreading into our educational systems. 

Another necessary change that increases Godliness is the righteous taking their called place to serve and lead in humility in the Education mountain.  Let’s pray for God to place His clear call on the righteous for them/ us to enter this realm with excitement, faith, love, wisdom and all humility.