Praying Over Religion

Pastor Dwain Uncategorized

Of the seven mountains or spheres of culture, religion is one of most influential. Over the past 50 years we’ve seen a huge influx of false religious come center stage in American culture. This is somewhat of a result of people rejecting Jesus as Lord. The fear of the Lord protects, but rebellion opens the mind to doctrines of demons (see Romans 1).

From a Biblical perspective, these false religions come under the category of “Babylon” or “Babylonian” religions. John would call them “anti-Christ” in their bias, because they deny that Jesus was the Christ and that He came from God, in the flesh, to redeem mankind.

Today we see that they range in types and philosophies; Islam, Evolution, Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age, Wicca, Unity, New Thought, Jehovah Witness, Mormonism, etc.

We also see that other “idols” have replaced God in our culture. Simply by moving a good thing out of order and into a place of inordinate prominence it becomes an idol. Thus we see where sports, movies, recreation and entertainment have replaced the preeminence of Jesus in many American homes.

Seek to understand why these trends have come to exist and lets pray for a reversal of these trends. Even as Daniel repented in Chapter 9, let’s repent on behalf of ourselves, our friends, relatives, neighbors and the nation.