Paint the Town

Paint the Town with Faith

Pastor Dwain Paint the Town

We have the power to jump-start the faith of others when we give them Father’s perspective. It’s powerful and exciting to believe in people because Father does. When I’m in close proximity to people I try to perceive what’s written in Father’s book about them. His perspective is that he set them in this generation for a rich purpose and He has prepared all that they need to fulfill that purpose. Therefore I’m looking for the details of that purpose. I realize the real person is hidden. Hidden under a bunch of trouble, sin, hurt, distrust and wrong thinking.

This doesn’t mean I ignore someone’s sin.  Little by little as they open up to me I talk about it openly and discuss it as something that is killing them, as their enemy and the enemy of God’s good plan for them. However, I don’t start with their sin. I start with their destiny. When I do get around to discussing their sin or asking about their sin, I don’t speak in a condemning way, but rather targeting sin as their enemy. Sin is something working against the real them. I encourage them that they can overcome it, win and beat it up. I use parts of my own story to illustrate my appeal.

I’m not telling people that they can enter into the good plan of Father without repentance. Rather I’m using the good plan of Father as my appeal to repent.

Romans 2:4 – Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?

I try my best to tell people how much Satan hates them and why, and that he is working hard to keep them embroiled in snares that will ruin their lives.

In this manner I recently was able to lead a new acquaintance to the Lord and pray with him over two different addictive patterns that have been devouring his money and his marriage. I started appealing to him in his condemned, shame-filled state by telling him about the motivational gifts I recognized in him, and how cool he was. I saw the compassion, mercy and generosity he possessed, and I told him about them. My exposing the hidden goodness of his personality began to open his heart up and create a desire to hear more from me. I also pray my light is so bright that my very life and lifestyle are appealing and to be envied.

Jesus, search out the hidden treasures of those in my sphere of influence and reveal them to me by your Holy Spirit. Give me a redemptive – restored look at the people around me today. Amen.

There’s more to come!  Let’s Paint the Town together!