Operation; Supreme Court Redemption

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Operation Supreme Court Redemption

Tomorrow we continue with our focus on the Supreme Court of the United States.  Please print this out and take it into your prayer times tomorrow.  I am asking you to fast at least one meal as well as we make this special emphasis.

1.  I repent for the decision in Roe v. Wade to uphold the right to abort babies.  I renounce the spirit of death, murder and Baal over me, over our justices and over our nation.  Murderous selfishness, worship of pleasure and self, idolatry of sexual freedom, I renounce your influence in our nation.  Get out of our nation, out of our churches, out of our cities, out of our government and our courts.

2.  Baal, I command you to get out of the Supreme Court.  I command you to leave our justices alone.  I command you to release all decisions placed upon the courts.  I command you to flee from these appointed in the Supreme Court and in the lower courts across our nation.  You are not welcomed in the foundations of the United States of America.  Baal Go!  I command eyes opened across the nation to see the influence of Baal and reject it.

3.  I affirm this is a nation founded on Christian / Biblical principles and I affirm that this nation has it’s heritage in the Word of God.  We love life.  We protect life.  We love purity. We love the pure marriage of one man and one woman.  I proclaim that any other leanings don’t fit the nation and are not welcomed and cast out of the center of government and leadership.

4.  Righteousness come forth.  Righteous leadings come forth.  Righteous judgments come forth.  Holiness in the nation come forth.  Holiness in decisions come forth.  Goodness and truth flood  our court rooms.  Presence of the Lord, Fear of the Lord, Wisdom from Above…be restored to our court rooms.

5.  Let God, Jehovah Nissi, arise and fight for America.  Father come and subdue the enemies of Jesus.  Let them who hate your righteous cause be displaced from office.  Let a righteous one take their place. Reenact the days of Nebuchadnezzar, Reenact the days of Saul.  These that are proud and that revere the opinion of men, let them be displaced and dispossessed from leadership all across the land.  I declare the proud removed from influence, sent out to eat grass in the field, humbled, their eyes opened, turned from evil and then finally restored in righteousness and submission to Jesus.

6.  Whoredoms of Jezebel and her spiritual mother, Asherah, I renounce your influence in our nation and over our courts.  I renounce your influence in my life.  Your lordship and influence is not welcomed in the  US of America.  Get out of our nation, out of our leadership, out of our courts.  Asherah and sexual idolatry get out.   I command you to leave our courts alone.  I declare our courts sanctified and under the Lordship of Jesus, under the leadership of the Word of God.

7.  On behalf of our judges and leaders, I repent of lawlessness of separating our laws from the word of God.  I repent of I affirm with Paul in Romans 7 that the Law is Holy, in Galatians 4 that the law leads us to Christ.  I affirm that we need the law as a school master.  I affirm that the Law of God is good for America.  I call the nation to embrace and acknowledge that the Lord of the Lord is good.