Men of God walk free from Jezebel

Pastor Dwain Dealing with Jezebel

Men are not given to fear and insecurity in the same way women are.  Therefore they are less influenced by this specific aspect of Jezebel.  The aspect of Jezebel that tends to move men is the sexual aspect. 

Jezebel not only comes with a prophetic wisdom that contradicts God’s wisdom, but she also comes with a subtle sexual seducing.  The great weakness of men is the appeal of sex.  Men have an appetite for women and it is their vulnerability.  It is beyond the ability for women to feel the depth of this appetite, but it is comparable to the depth of what they deal with in the realm of fear.  If a woman can imagine how much they are moved by the realm of fear and insecurity to that degree a man is moved with sexual passion.  It vies for a man’s attention often and works to overpower their eyes and their thoughts. 

Submitting to the play of Jezebel weakens us and brings us into a realm of bondage and idolatry.  Jezebel works with harlotry (pornea) and pornography in our culture to move and drive men toward certain behavior.  it seeks, as a power, to control men and to bring them into a realm of weakness, disrespect and subservience. 

When a man is submitted in lust to seduction of Jezebel it dulls the hearing of the Holy Spirit, brings confusion and puts him into a realm of dishonor with his wife and with women. 

As a man I write to the body of Christ, we men need to spring out of this prison and flee from it daily.  Married men need to be transparent with their spouse as to their physical needs and look to their spouse only for satisfaction.  Single men need to walk in accountability with other men who are conquering these influences.  All men, confront these spirits in prayer;  harlotry – fornication – all sexual uncleanness and drive it out of your life daily, even moment by moment.