Lift Your Eyes

Lift Your Eyes

Pastor Dwain Ministry, Vision

We are in a time of expectation.  That is, Father is shifting our thinking toward expecting harvest and inviting us to change our perspective from that which we’ve had.

Jesus led the disciples in such a shift, and John recorded it in chapter 4 of his gospel. This is where Jesus went to a particular well to draw water and there met a Samaritan woman. At that well he invited her to drink of living water, and then he began to minister to her about the condition of her soul. The result was that the entire city came to believe in Jesus.

When the disciples came back to Jesus they brought him food, since they had gone into town to purchase food to eat. They offered it to him, but his reply was that he had been eating already, for doing the will of the Father was food for his soul. Then he told them to look at the fields and examine the time of the year.  Looking in the natural, it would be plain to see that there were four more months before the harvest was ready. But if one were to open his spiritual eyes, he would see that it was harvest time already.

He took a natural illustration, a natural metaphor, and turned it into a spiritual shift in their thinking. They were not used to people converting and coming into the kingdom. These were new thoughts for them. So he was helping them to see that as far as the spirit realm was concerned, it was harvest time.

He said to them in verse 35, “Look at the fields that they are white for harvest, already he who reaps is receiving wages and gathering fruit for life eternal that he who sews and he who reaps may rejoice together, for in this case the saying is true, one sows and another reaps, I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored.”

We have entered into such a time ourselves. This is harvest time.

So regardless of what you’ve seen in the past and how you’ve looked at things in the past, it is time to shift your focus into a realm of expectation.

People are going to be coming to the Lord. People are coming back to the Lord. Backsliders are coming back to the Lord. The Lord is making a great appeal.

When you thought all you would be doing is sowing some seed, He will actually be present allowing you to reap. But you won’t reap if you don’t lift up your eyes and pay attention.

Where others have done the sewing you will do the reaping! Shift your expectation. If you have shared with others a thousand times and nothing’s happened, shift your expectation! If you have tried to lead others back to the Lord hundreds of times and nothing’s happened, shift your expectation!

God is doing something, and if we activate our faith by making application with prayer and bold ministry we will see many come into the kingdom and many come back home!

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