It’s Happening!

Pastor Dwain Miracles

March 12th a young man came to Jesus fresh from outreach. Tears of joy! Tammy Wixson went to the motel to pick up the family so they wouldn’t miss out on church, and the husband responded with real humility.

March 19th a new family came forward as Chris was making a call forward about “getting up.” He asked those around him to go up to the front with him. He too was born again that morning.

March 26th at the end of the service I made a call for those present to receive salvation, and a young man came forward and met up with Michael Pike. He was weeping over his sin. He was truly repentant and ready to give his life to Jesus. His friend or wife was with him and it was a powerful time of prayer. He told Michael he had never been to church before. He just felt very drawn to come to church that morning and very compelled to give his life to God.

March 27th I was in my office and one of the preschool dads stopped by and wanted to talk. He wanted prayer, but after prayer I got to lead him to rededicate his life to the Lord. Wow! More, Lord!

God is moving in miracles now! God is convicting people and bringing them into his family now! God is saving people now! It’s happening!

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