Is there something special to a house?

Pastor Dwain Prayer

Prayer at a specific physical location has always held a special significance in relationship with God.  The House of the Lord or the temple held a place of significance and God said there would be places where He would chose to put His name (glory).  In the beginning of relationship the Garden held a place of relational significance.  In the garden God would come down in the “cool of the day” and fellowship with Adam and Eve.  They would enter into Koinonia with God in the Garden.  The garden literally was a sanctuary made in the image of the mountain of God in heaven itself.  Later after sin entered the earth, and as God led the children of Israel into relationship, though He again longed to come down and dwell with His creation they had to create an acceptable environment for Him.  Through the tabernacle and sacrificial system (a type of Christ) God was able to meet them with His presence again.  His presence would come upon the tent of meeting in a heavy cloud and in this way they would meet with God at a tangible – earthly location.  There is something to be said about God coming down, about God meeting us at a place.  Jesus would slip away to the garden of gethsemane to pray and meet with His Father.  These examples and types existed before the fall, during the season of the law and now during the season of grace.

Adam; in the sanctuary garden

Abraham;  at a mountain in Moriah

Jacob; at Bethel

Moses;  at the tent of meeting, on Sinai

Joshua; at the tent of meeting

David;  at the tent of Zion

Solomon; at the temple

Jesus;  in the garden of Gethsemane

Paul;  at the temple

New Testament church;  often at the temple and in house churches as they were being established

Other biblical examples could be listed, they who found a sanctified location for prayer, they who found a portal of God’s grace, a place where He placed His name.  Thus one of the blessings of a “church”.  A church is a physical place sanctified for the presence of the Lord.  A church is a special place set aside for seeking God, hearing from God, interceding, sacrifice (worship), distribution of the Gifts and angelic visitation.  There is something special and powerful about praying at the church.  I encourage you to give it a try and see if you don’t experience a difference.  Start with a small commitment, but see if you can’t tell the difference.  Just come to the house 3x a week, come during an hour of prayer (morning or noon) and put this to the test.