Hold fast to those things that are good!

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This blog is to emphasize some of the traits that make NHCC special:

-nhcc believes in a definite revival in America and that God
will restore a love for righteousness, not only here, but the glory of the Lord
will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.  Even as we have seen a revival of
unrighteousness, there will surely be a revival of righteousness.  Fires of revival will burn all over
America.  We will not be content with a
few remnant groups here and there.

-nhcc believes that prayer, fasting  and ministry to the Lord are powerful for
spiritual progress.  If a person is drawn to such activity with an idea or thought this is the Holy Spirit drawing them.  It should not be considered their own thought, dead works or wasted time.  Galatians 6:6-8   Hebrews 11:6

-nhcc believes in the prophetic ministry and believes that
people in a gathering will be receiving prophetic words, however we won’t
necessarily be putting mics down at the front of the platform each Sunday.  We believe that a congregation has a “set man”
as overseer and elders to assist.  These
have been called by God and will be receiving direction for the body.  Many times a Word coming to a person is
confirmation of the move of the Spirit.
Other times  the Word doesn’t have
to be ministered at the mic, but can be ministered fitly in season one on one.  Still other times the Word is coming for
prayer or declaration. We ask that those who have a clear word for the Body
come and present that to me or an elder.
If it seems right the Word will be shared.  At times we do have a mic available at the worship
and prayer nights.  We’ve seen chaos
happen through this risk,  but still we
open this door with care and caution.  No
one is infallible in the gifts, so we need to minister in meekness and  humility.

-nhcc believes that the best posture and framework for the
gifts is LOVE.  We seek to edify hurting
people the best we possibly can.  We seek
to cover things that are embarrassing.
We seek to use love and honor to dismiss fear from people.  The fruit of the Spirit is the most valuable commodity
in all of our lives.