Heaven here or go to heaven now(revised)

Pastor Dwain Fasting

God bless and see all who are hungry tonight.  Pre-service prayer starts at 6:30pm 

I believe the desire for the church to be in heaven now is actually the counterfeit of “seeking first the kingdom”.   There’s a difference between crying for heaven now and having heaven here!   If a revival has brought us to the end of our dreams, does that mean that we have reached the end of His?  A  revival must go behold all that we could imagine.  Anything less fall short.   Many revivalists had such significant breakthroughs that they viewed the Lords returned to be at hand.   They failed to equip the church to do what they were gifted to do.   As a result they touched the multitudes instead of touching nations and generations.   We must plan as though we have a lifetime to live, but work and pray as though we have little time left.

Excerpt from When Heaven Invades Earth, Bill Johnson;  page 237, 238;  Treasure House publishing