Getting Vision for 2013

Pastor Dwain Daniel Fast 2013

Right after God affirms Jesus with His voice from heaven and He anoints Him to do good, He (Jesus) is sent out into the wilderness.  At the end of this period of solitude Satan confronts him.  Satan didn’t just attack His identity but also His mission / vision / purpose.

Jesus Christ could have aborted his vision and mission.  Satan said worship me and I’ll give you all these Kingdoms for your own.

Likewise Satan is after your Vision / Mission.   He wants you to trade what God has planned for you for what he has planned for you.  And what he has planned might include instant glitter.  Carnal pathways are often shorter and provide more glitter up front.  This is part of what makes them more alluring to our fleshly nature.  Kingdom pathways might take more time as God is perfecting us in the process and establishing a foundation that can carry the weight of greatness.

At this outset, we want to be spending some time in January seeking God for Vision.  Our of the ordinary vision.  God breathed vision.  Great vision for this year and for the future.

Here are some quick benefits to possessing a strong vision.

1.  Vision is a source of discipline

Without a vision, the people cast off restraint.   Proverbs 29:18

a vision will get you up in the morning

a vision will keep you from getting sick

a vision will drive you to take care of your body

a vision will force you to pray


Why do you think David prayed so much?  Read Psalm  89:19-29 and find out why…

a vision will make you work more than you would ever work

a vision will make you do what’s right when there is no law


2.         Source of energy and renewal

A good vision will fill the whole body with life and light.

Matt 6:22

Abraham and Sarah were enabled to conceive past the age baring years because of the vision of God.

Caleb was able to take His mountain because of the vision of God  See Joshua 14:10

a vision will get you up in the morning

a vision will keep you from getting sick

not adrenaline power, but vision power

This week and during the month of January seek the Lord and His clarity of vision for your life!!!!

Jounal all that comes to your mind and keep it close to your heart as you seek understanding.