Enemies of Excellence…

Pastor Dwain Excellence, Leadership, Wisdom

What is the motive for mediocre work or living?

What is the motive for producing something shoddy? 

What is the motive for partial, incomplete? 


Doubt and fear:

When talk about Excellence we are not talking about building big, we are talking about building well. 

It’s better to build something small, but well than to build something big but poor.  Sometimes we don’t see it this way.  We’d rather have big and mediocre than small and excellent.  Excellent can be done on a budget if a person has self-control.  Excellent also doesn’t mean the best compared to all, just the best you personally can do at this time within the size boundaries of wisdom.  If your faith is for something big, better to start smaller and build up to big with incremental steps, lest you lose the battle for excellence. Still excellence takes the use of faith and wisdom working in harmony. 

In the faith realm, excellence requires the same walk of faith and fight of faith that it takes to build something big. The reduction in size is now spent on the increase of quality.  Quality is just as important as size, if not more so.

Oral Roberts said, “I’m convinced that faith runs on the track of Excellence.  Everything I’ve attempted to achieve in mediocrity has failed.”

We often shrink back from excellence if we worry about resources, over commit ourselves (compared to resources) or get fixated on small thinking.

If you have faith for something it’s important that you act upon it with all your heart.  That is, act upon it in excellence. 

Anything worth doing should be done with all your heart.

Anything worth doing should be done just as the Lord would do it.

What should we do with God’s word when He speaks to us, leads us or gives us daily opportunities?

What have you done in mediocrity and how did that work out for you?


Small thinking:

As corporations need Research and Development to bring forth excellent products—improving and retooling, likewise with us.   This is called R and D.  Every corporation has a department devoted just to R and D.  They know it’s vital to have a cutting edge of excellence and keep their products at the top of meeting the needs of their customers.

It must be the same for us as individuals.  We need a dark room of meditation, where Father can imprint our negatives with beautiful images.  Excellence flows out of the prophetic realm—as we think, pray and pray in the Spirit, asking how can I be the best and do the best…Holy Spirit help me tap into what is here and what is coming.

This, R and D of the mind, calls for thinking, musing and imagining… rather than just having a knowledge of what you’ve previously done.  It’s not your history that will guarantee excellence, it’s thinking into the future.

Jeremiah 33:3  ‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Are you pausing to think?  Are you brooding over your company with prayerful imagination?  How much time are you taking as it pertains to your marriage, your investments, your family, your business to work out the R and D that will set you apart by the way of excellence?