Dreams can open a realm of prayer power

Pastor Dwain Daniel Fast 2013

My parents called me a few years back and were describing to me some problems that were distressing them.  They were trying to sell their house and after a long period on the market they had no hope of a sale.  They were struggling financially and needed relief on this problem.

That night I had a very vivid dream about them.  I saw them in the dream and they were being chased by three lions.  I had a large gun, like an African hunting gun.  I pulled up the gun and prepared to shoot.  I also had three different bullets.  Each bullet represented something out of the Word that would confront these lions.  I could tell in the spirit what each lion represented.  I pulled up the gun and fired one bullet after another until the three lions were dead then I woke up.  I immediately knew what all of this meant and what needed to be done.  That morning I had a lengthy time of spiritual warfare over my parents.  The very next day they called to say they had an offer on their home and they felt they had entered a breakthrough.  It was at that time that I told them about my dream and my prayer session.  God had moved!