Pastor Dwain DNA

Our DNA is what defines us; our personality, our attributes and the way we look at life.  We want to carry the DNA of Jesus since we are being matured into the fullness of the faith that belongs to Him.  Ephesians 4

Good news:We carry the message of the Good News.  Salvation is the most valuable message of all time.  Freedom for prisoners, sight for blind, deliverance for bound, healing for the bruised, blessings for the poor.  No person needs to stay in the broken state that they find themselves, they can start winning!  Because we have an assurance of victory in life we are those who walk with hope, impart hope, and have indwelling joy.

The Gift of Righteousness:  The gift of righteousness, through faith, is singly the most important doctrine in the Bible.  We believe that God gives us the righteousness of Jesus so we can reign over Satan and the curse and become partakers of the promises of God and the divine nature.

Restoration:  Much of society is broken and in need of restoration.  Beyond bringing people to salvation this is our mandate, that God would have a restored people.  If we stop our ministry at salvation we have done a disservice.  God wants to get believers back to Eden and through them restore culture and society.