Pastor Dwain DNA


We believe that the man in a marriage has a mission and his wife has a sub-mission (Ephesians 5 and I Corinthians 11).  Her sub-mission is to his mission.  In this way a man’s calling sets the course for his life and his wife’s life.  Her role is to come alongside him in his calling and purpose (or to serve in such a way that she enhances his mission and doesn’t distract from it).  Therefore in this sense he can’t put his wife ahead of his calling (that is trying to please her or doing what she wants him to do vocationally – as a calling).  That being said, he also has a responsibility to not worship his calling and live in an abusive way toward her so that he kills the marriage or her.  He has a responsibility to love, cherish, care for, pastor, protect, provide and lead her.  This means that it’s wrong to work night and day, or run constantly with the guys, to ignore her needs because of “work” or “calling”.   She and their kids are his first flock.  He pastors them well and with all diligence, as he pastors the flock of God under him.