Discerning Jezebel in women and in the Church

Pastor Dwain Dealing with Jezebel

Jezebel was the wife of Ahab, daughter of Ethbaal, king of Sidon and high priest of Baal.  She was sexually seductive, but she manifested other tendencies that all women need to overcome.  She embodies by parable and metaphor the carnal influence through women in marriage, culture and the Church.

The major place of testing and temptation in women is fear; fear of the future, fear of being loved, fear of provision, fear over the children.   Inferiority and insecurity plague the heart of women to a degree that few men will ever experience or fully understand.  From a carnal aspect, this fear drives a woman to be controlling and contend with her man and her environment for control.  It inspires distrust and self-reliance.  It gives place to a “spirit of Jezebel”.   This can be manifested in a frustrated “I’ll get it done” spirit that works out of the flesh and not the spirit.

Jezebel’s influence is an influence of wisdom, but it is very much a sense based wisdom and not the wisdom from above (James 3:13-17).  Therefore her prophets (wisdom,influence and control) tend to be out of the natural realm, the realm of sense knowledge and reasoning.

Men…For this reason women need to be covered well, pastored well, loved unconditionally, provided for and protected.  It’s in a safe place that, if she is willing, she can learn to overcome Jezebel and let go of fear, contending and control.

One on the ways the influence of this quenching of the true prophetic realm in the church show it’s self an imbalance of order, structure, programs and control.  Even religion and legalism can be coming out of  the influence of Jezebel.

Ladies, don’t think that if you are not moving or manipulating in the sensual realm (sexual) that you aren’t a partner to the Spirit of Jezebel.

The moving of the Spirit and the ministry of the true prophetic will be stifled, because “it doesn’t fit in the program” or it’s “uncomfortable” or it’s “uncontrollable”.  Unknowingly much of the Church is under this influence, afraid to run with her Lover and let Him express His love over her.  Afraid to walk in grace and bound to the legal requirements of the law.

More on Jezebel to come.