Defeating Ahab and Jezebel tendancies in marriage

Pastor Dwain Dealing with Jezebel

Women are sometimes controlling and struggling with control issues, not because they want to, but because they have no choice.  There has been a history of disappointment with men in their lives.   As a continuum of this pattern, the lack of leadership – lack of integrity of the husband produces a frustrated woman who will not let her children and her family go in the toilet.  Like a mother bear she feels like she must rise up to protect, plan and procure what she needs to preserve the integrity of the family.


It is not the wife, but the husband who is to be the leader of the home.  Not doing it all but setting the course, leading the way, walking in faith and being covered well by Father God.  Where ever a man won’t do this he forces the wife to die or to become what appears to be rebellious.

Men, leadership should not a position that is secured by force, by your gender, by a bible verse, seniority or by money.  Some wives are loyal and so Biblical in their obedience that they will not usurp your lack of leadership.  However in those cases, if you refuse to lead, you will make your wife die in her dreams, her hopes and her development.  Because she will stay under your lead no matter how weak it is.  Others aren’t so able to die so you will feel the tension that comes from her disappointment.  As much as you need sex she needs you to be a man, not a boy.  It’s hard to be sexy with your son.