Pastor Dwain Forgiveness



Forgiveness is one of the most powerful keys to a healthy heart.


The main purpose of a stent is to counteract significant decreases in vessel or duct diameter by acutely propping open the conduit by a mechanical scaffold or stent. Stents are often used to alleviate diminished blood flow to organs and extremities beyond an obstruction in order to maintain an adequate delivery of oxygenated blood.  Oxygenated blood brings life and cleansing to all the organs of the body.  For the purpose of our teaching, I’m using this as an illustration of emotional injuries and how they can shut down the blood flow to the heart.  Soon other portions of heart and body will begin to feel the effects of HEART DAMAGE.


a.  Injuries create legal debt relationships:


            1.  Valid injury creates a debt relationship.

a.  As a parent or authority in your life, they owed you something they didn’t give you:  something valid, some expectation, some respect, some  obligation that they failed to pay…You missed out when others got theirs.

b.  You were injured, falsely accused, harmed, abused.

c.  Or they stole from you.  It could be that they stole from you something they can’t pay back.  Your dignity in front of friends.  You virginity.  Your reputation.  Your time, your money, your opportunity, your preparation, your training, etc.  You were stolen from.  You’ve experienced a loss.

            2.  Debts are contractual

a.  There is a promissory note written up in the spirit realm wherever there is a debt relationship.  A true debt is created with their name on it.


b.  These are binding upon you and the debtor.  Until that debt is resolved it will bother you and them.

3.  Debt changes your relationship with the person who owes you and it changes their relationship with you.

                        It carries with it some potentials…

a.  It makes you their adversary: 


b.  It makes you  their judge:

I wonder how they are spending thei money?  I wonder how they bought that when they haven’t paid me back yet?


c.  It makes you  their critic:

You may notice a short temper,  Impatience, Unfriendliness, Suspicion, distrust.  You don’t want to see them.  It reminds you of the debt when you see them.  If they haven’t paid you back, then just seeing them reminds you of what they stole.

Over analytic

Hyper critical


Overly cautious

Easily irritable

More anxious…especially if this is a person you cared about (Ps.  55:4)

Less naïve

Faith could waiver

d.  It makes you their Lord:

Proverbs 22: 7  The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender

e.  It sets you up to be the collection agent:


f.  It keeps the presence of debt in your mind, so it ties you to the injury and the loss.


g.  It conditions you to be more wary of others, more distrusting.

A root of bitterness bleeds over to other relationships.  Forgive and forget are next of kin.  When you don’t forgive you also don’t forget.  This makes you a more guarded, negative person.  This keeps you from living in Perfect love.  I Corinthians 13/  I John 4

So you can see, Grace and mercy in your horizontal relationships is a real Key to positive thoughts and a happy heart.

How do you letting go of past hurts?  Through employment of Biblical forgiveness.