Comfort has set me free!

Pastor Dwain Prayer

Comfort has set me free… from prayer!


Yes it’s true, if we aren’t careful and alert we will regulate our pray life by our own comfort and discomfort in life.


I don’t know if you deal with this, but I think it’s pretty common to pray more when the chips are down.  When the chips are up there’s  a real challenge in this arena.  Some rarely have time to pray, because things are going so well.


My observation has led me to call this “Crisis Christianity”.   Again it sabatoges intercession, because it’s mainly me focused and it’s when we are in trouble.


We’re at every prayer meeting and seeking God for the answers.  Not that God doesn’t want us to seek Him in crisis.  But after the crisis He wants us to continue in seeking Him.

  • Do we care about His cares?
  • Will we spend our time for others in prayer?
  • Will we spend time importing the Kingdom of God into the earth.


Matthew 6: 9  “Pray, then, in this way…  ‘Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven…



The difference in Korea where the people pray much and love to pray?  There they learned to pray during the hard times and then they kept on praying.


Could it be that God answers our personal prayers so that we’ll have time to seek His business, pray for others and bring in His kingdom


When comfort increases, don’t forget about the things that grieve his heart and cause him to seek an intercessor.