Pastor Dwain Fasting

Welcome to blog overload central.   Becuase I let you down, due to my blogging machine breaking down, I thought I should check in a bit more today. 

So how’d you do? 

Do you have a Fasting and prayer friend?  Someone you are talking to and encouraging for the 21 days?

My noon prayer was short yesterday, due to staff meeting with the crew, but good none the less.  Just 30 minutes of prayer.  Then last night my prayer got shortened due to a problem at home, but all is well.  Today is a new day and a day to meet God all the more.

I like to have one time with God, at least one of the three, where it’s really intimate and I’m listening well.  I think it’s easy to be distracted when meeting with God.  I’ve found I can worship and speak in tongues and be thinking about something else at the same time.  Wow!  I need help. 

For a real time with God, I’ve got to be focused on Him.  Intentional in loving Him.  Listening to Him.  Not distracted. 

He’s got to have a willing vessel in order to make a deposit of life giving “seed” into my life. 

That’s my determination today.  Hope you join me.