Atomic power through Fasting

Pastor Dwain Daniel Fast 2014


1 wish to state that some children of the Lord fail to press into the proper place of prayer, along with the fast, just because they find it difficult to pray. But that is no reason for not praying. Your prayers will absolutely blast through to heaven, if you settle down to do it, and labor at the job, and “ask” and “seek” and “knock,” as Jesus told us to do. The Devil will be around to hinder, and prevent you from accomplishing your purpose, but PRAY THROUGH, FAST THROUGH, and press your way through till you open heaven. Shorter prayers under the influence of fasting, are far more effective than longer prayers when off the fast. We are in a channel of prayer, while fasting that leads directly to the throne. The ear of God is open to hear the prayer of His fasting saint.

Usually, the first few days of a fast are the most difficult time to pray, because the weakness of the body has not gone, and the body has not been cleansed. Pray as much as possible, as long as possible, and as fervently as possible, regardless of lack of strength, and when you get over “the hump,” it becomes easier to fast and pray; generally speaking, you get stronger physi­cally. You can gradually put yourself into it, devoting more time to prayer; then the fast itself actually becomes prayer. Please bear this in mind when fasting. A Christian then has such power, that these obstacles mentioned will seem easier and easier to surmount, as one presses on to more and greater obstacles, all of which will be victoriously overcome, and a continual growing power, greater than ever, will be felt by the person, as long as he or she stays in the center of God’s will.