Atomic power through Fasting

Pastor Dwain Daniel Fast 2014



To see our loved ones saved, souls converted and a sweeping revival come in our midst; to have God work miracles, and heal our diseases, and pour out His Holy Spirit, we must start a fast and prayer in the home. “LORD, let it begin in me!” Even if you are the only converted member of the family, you can get hold of God in such a way, by FASTING AND PRAYER that Jesus, seeing your fervor and zeal developing the faith for the salvation of your loved ones, will most certainly hear your prayer and convert them. Many times a person has done this, and not only were the loved ones con­verted, but the Lord so rewarded them that an “old-fashioned” revival swept the whole community, saving, healing, and blessing mightily with the Spirit.

In 1932 the Holy Spirit led the author into his first revival meeting. He knew only three families in the Oklahoma oil town, Nowata. One of these families believed and practiced fasting and prayer. Together we prayed and fasted ahead of time for the meeting that we knew God was going to give us. The foundation was properly laid for a revival, and a revival we certainly did have. There was no building big enough to take care of the crowd, so we secured three acres of ground and had an open air meeting (this was in July). People packed the place from the first service. We kept building seats, and the crowd continued to increase every evening. People gathered from all over Northeastern Oklahoma and Southeastern Kansas for the meetings. Scores of people were healed of all types of afflictions. One lady, who had been in a car wreck with broken ribs, was carried to the services on pillows; she was instantly healed. A deaf and dumb boy was enabled to hear and speak. A man who could not lift his arm, and had been paralyzed, was healed of his paralysis and was able to lift his arm. Many more received notable heal­ings. Folks were under the power of His Spirit. Many were baptized.

Within three months from the time we started the meeting, we built a church, and got it paid for, so that the people could continue to have a place to worship in truth and in Spirit. ALL OF THESE RESULTS WERE TRACED DIRECTLY TO PRAYER AND FAST­ING. My brother assisted me in the meeting. The church is still progressing for the glory of God to this day.