Pastor Dwain New Creation

This day is a day we commemorate one of the most important days in history.  This is the day we commemorate the death of our Lord.  It’s amazing that the death of the Lamb of God coincides perfectly with the day of PASSOVER some 1500 years earlier.  On that day too a lamb without blemish was to be sacrificed so the children of Israel would be delivered from their bondage in Egypt (See Exodus 12).

We, who have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ, have been freed from slavery to bondage, oppression, sickness and the curse through the crucifixion of Jesus, the perfect man.  Today reflect on this great act of love.  Take time to thank our risen Lord in worship and reverent honor.

There would be no EASTER without the death of our Lord.  For us there would no resurrection and new life without this historic day.  We are told there is great power in considering the death of Jesus was the death of our relationship to Adam and the sinful nature.  Believe it today and live like a resurrected child of the Most High God!