Believing fpr Breakthrough


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Jesus is the son of man who has been given all authority over the Earth. He functions in the restored authority of Adam, but as the Last Adam. (I Cor. 15:45 and Matthew 28:18,19). As a fulfillment of Psalm 115:16 and due to his sinless life, Jesus has inherited the earth. This means that he is also King or Lord …

Transform Your Thinking

The Foundation for Positive Thinking

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What’s nagging you in this season?  What’s pressing upon your mind and trying to move you over into discontentment, frustration, sorrow, fear or self-pity? You don’t have to go over there! You don’t have to yield one tiny thought to the enemy! You are meant and designed to be a positive person! The foundation for a positive outlook on life in …


Growing Something Great

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I’m coming up on 33 years of marriage to Joel Robertson-Wolfe. What a gift she has become to me! The seedbed of covenant-keeping commitment has worked to provide a relationship that is precious, powerful, safe and unified. What I mean is, commitment has kept us together through good and bad. We have enjoyed each other, put up with each other …

Hope for the Nations

Hope for the Nations 2

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(This is part two of a series. You can read part one here.) Daniel saw Christ’s enthronement: As if it wasn’t enough of a vision in Chapter 2, Daniel again sees the enthronement of Christ, the redeemer, the perfect man. We have such a powerful redeemer. Let Him guide your prayers and proclamations! Let His hope rise in you. Let …

Paint the Town

Declare the Presence

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Jesus reigns here! Love reigns here! Peace reigns here! Mercy reigns here! The disciples were sent out by Jesus to announce the Kingdom and to declare peace. Let’s be releasing the presence of Jesus, the presence of heaven over our businesses this week, over churches, over our home, over our family members, over our schools. Superimpose the realities of heaven …

Paint the Town

Getting Free and Freeing Others

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Sin and separation from God sabotages God’s plan for people. Satan has a miserable plan for your friends and relatives. He wants their earthly life to be a life of unfulfilled toil, separated from peace, joy and fulfillment – ending in separation from God and joining him, Satan, in eternal damnation. John 10:10 – The thief (Satan) comes only to …